What is a Home Loan?

A home loan is a general term to describe many types of loan products provided for the purpose of purchasing, refinancing or drawing down against residential real estate. The purpose of the loans can be as broad as the traditional home purchase, construction, renovations, debt consolidation, investment property, refinance, share purchase or even the use of equity for a cheaper motor vehicle loan. It is important when obtaining a loan that you fully consider the options available such as the term of the loan, interest rates, fixed versus variable interest option costs and which is the lender that is going to suit your needs.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, or a second or subsequent purchaser, you may need to borrow to complete the purchase. At FrontRunner Finance Solutions we specialise in making sure that all of your questions are answered, even the ones you haven’t thought of. Ensuring that you have the correct home loan is extremely important. The structure, the repayments, the deposit and the costs are vital, or else you could be losing thousands of dollars. With more than 65 years of combined experience in lending, we ensure that you are treated with courtesy, professionalism and dignity to make certain that your home loan suits your needs.

Purchasing land, constructing a home and borrowing money can be more complicated than purchasing an existing home. As mortgage brokers, that's where we come in. We will guide you through the process and ensure that all of the confusion is taken out of the equation. You will need to sign a contract to purchase the land and enter into a contract with the builder to construct a home and a further contract with the lender to borrow. Considering our vast experience in construction loans, we will be able to make it easy for you so that you can enjoy building your new home.

When considering investment real estate, the structure of these loans is absolutely critical. There are many issues to be addressed, so speak to one of our experienced professionals to help you maximise the return that the Australian Tax Office allows in the purchase of investment real estate. At FrontRunner Finance Solutions, and with over 65 years of combined experience, we are able to assist you in maximising the benefits that are available to you.

The question that needs to be answered when considering refinancing is, how do you know that your current rate of interest is the same or better than other lenders, and should you in fact take advantage of the cash incentives for you to change from one lender to another?

At FrontRunner Finance Solutions we can very easily ascertain whether you should stay with your current lender or refinance to a more competitive lender. Apart from your time, there is no cost or obligation for you to contact us and discuss the matter further.

You may have a home loan, a car loan, a personal loan and several credit cards, or something similar. You also have enough equity in your home. It is often possible to combine all your debts into your home loan and therefore have only one reduced repayment per month/fortnight/week. Your non-home loan repayments would now be at a reduced rate of interest over a longer term, which could save you a significant amount in repayments. Our experts can help you understand how this is beneficial to you and your specific circumstances.

It may come to the point when you feel that it is necessary to complete renovations to your home. You may have outgrown what you have or you may just wish to complete the repairs and maintenance that you have been thinking about for ages, but you need to borrow to do so. There are two ways that you can do this. Our helpful experts can review your financial situation and present you with all of your options.

Did you know that you can use equity in Real Estate to purchase shares? If you are looking to diversify your investment into the share market and need to borrow monies to do so – ASK US HOW!

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